How to get the best results from your Personal Trainer

Personal training can often be seen as expensive so how do you get the best value and best results out of your PT package?

Regardless of which personal trainer you have chosen the answer will always be the same: Turn up and do what they tell you, it’s that simple.

The revelation came to me when we paid for a dog trainer to come and sort out our new family member. Kai a 2 year old recused white Alsatian which anxiety issues. The trainer highlighted that we’d spent the first 15minutes of the meeting focusing our attention on the dog and not him. We were paying him good money to be there but not listening to him properly.

Most personal trainers will have some sort of system or plan that works. If they don’t they won’t be in business for long. As a client all you need to do is turn up and do what they tell you. If you’re paying for the advice take it. You would not believe how many people pay for personal training then do the exact opposite of the advice they’re given. You’re paying the personal trainer to get you the best results, don’t ignore his advice a listen to that guy in the gym instead!

And if you want to know we took the dog trainers advice and Kai is doing well!

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