Top 5 tips to Sticking to Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

December is a busy month, parties, Christmas, shopping, work deadlines, over eating, drinking…. There’s plenty of things to get in the way of the gym and exercising. Most of us will gain a few unwanted extra pounds and make a new years resolution to join a gym, exercise regularly, eat healthy and not drink as much. Getting fit in the New Year can be a challenge, a lot of us will break our resolutions before the end January and fall off the wagon.

At the Fitness Room Sheffield we help a lot of people achieve their fitness goals through exercise classes and personal training. Here are our  5 top tips to help you stick to your fitness New Year Resolutions

  1. Make it achievable. Make your resolutions realistic and achievable. It needs to be big enough to matter but small enough to achieve. If you decide to get fit or lose weight don’t set the bar so high that you will never reach it. Setting small goals on a daily and weekly basis will help you get big results. It’s easier to stick to small resolutions over shorter periods of time.
  2. Get expert advice. Each January loads of people join a gym to get fit but by the middle of January they quit. Normally this is because they don’t have a proper plan. Whatever your resolution, whether is it joining a gym to get fit, quitting smoking or losing weight, seek out an expert. Speak to a personal trainer or gym instructor, chat to a coach, remember it’s the experts job to help people like you.
  3. Do it with friends. Getting results is easier when you are not alone. Get friends, family and work mates involved. The support and comradeship with make sticking to your resolutions easier. If you can’t get people you know to join you then find people who will. Join a club, group or team with liked minded goals. If you want to run faster seek out your local running club, if you want to get stronger find a barbell club, if you want to lose weight join your local slimming world, weight watchers or a Bootcamp like the one we run at the Fitness Room Sheffield.
  4. Make it positive. Too many people see fitness as punishment or chore. They choose resolutions that restrict themselves of things they like or make the do things they hate. Make you resolutions positive and rewarding. If you like food, don’t find restrict the things you like, learn how to make healthy and tasty alternatives. If you don’t like the gym find an activity or sport you do like. Not sure what you like? Then make your resolution to try as many new activities as can. If your resolution is fun and rewarding you’ll be more likely stick with it.
  5. Make a difference. If need a little extra motivation with your resolution do it to help someone else or make a difference. If you’re planning to run a marathon, climb a mountain, cycle across the country or race a triathlon do it for charity. Find a cause close to your heart and it will help you dig that little bit deeper when the going gets tough. It’s easy to give up when there is only you to let down, when you’re doing it for others or with purpose it’s harder to give up!

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