Life after 40

Running at the Fitness Room

It finally happen the BIG 40 creeped up upon me. Having a your Birthday in the middle of January can be depressing at the best of times let alone it being your 40th. Most people are skint, on a diet or doing a dry January.

To celebrate my 40th I spent some time with family and took the dog for a run in the snow. I also took time to reflect on my health and exercise.

As a personal trainer who has helped many people in Sheffield over 40 improve their health and fitness it was time to help myself. As we get older exercise becomes more important but it also becomes harder to recover and achieve what we could in our 20’s and 30’s. The every day stresses of life also become greater as we get older and start getting more responsibilities like mortgages, kids, wives/husbands, pets, promotions at work……  Just because life and exercise becomes harder at 40 it doesn’t mean we should stop! But what it does mean is that we need to train smarter.

It’s important to understand that what we could do and achieve when we younger might be different today. I still plan to test myself physically and mentally but the expectations I have of myself will definitely change. Whatever goal or challenge I set needs to test and provide a certain level of achievement but what I won’t do is let it physically wreck. I personally will be taking more time to recover and focusing on good nutrition to help me achieve my own fitness goals.

If anyone wants to join me in succeeding in their own 40plus fitness goals get yourself down to the Fitness Room and we’ll grow old disgracefully together!

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