What are the benefits of Box Fit and Boxercise?

Boxing is a sport that creates high demands for athletes, with athletes having short time frames for competitions, anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to prepare. Meaning trainers are having to push athletes to their limits to create a quick turnover of getting their fighter fit and ready. The training regime that boxers go through has been adopted and turned … Read More

Are Weight Loss Boot Camps Effective?

Weight loss boot camps have become increasingly popular, with weight loss boot camps offering people the chance to have an intense fitness routine over a set time period. Boot camps are an effective way of achieving your goals, with weight loss boot camps combining high-intensity circuit training and a guided nutrition plan, giving you a full body workout to help … Read More

Life after 40

Running at the Fitness Room

It finally happen the BIG 40 creeped up upon me. Having a your Birthday in the middle of January can be depressing at the best of times let alone it being your 40th. Most people are skint, on a diet or doing a dry January. To celebrate my 40th I spent some time with family and took the dog for … Read More

Top 5 tips to Sticking to Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

December is a busy month, parties, Christmas, shopping, work deadlines, over eating, drinking…. There’s plenty of things to get in the way of the gym and exercising. Most of us will gain a few unwanted extra pounds and make a new years resolution to join a gym, exercise regularly, eat healthy and not drink as much. Getting fit in the … Read More

How to get the best results from your Personal Trainer

Personal training can often be seen as expensive so how do you get the best value and best results out of your PT package? Regardless of which personal trainer you have chosen the answer will always be the same: Turn up and do what they tell you, it’s that simple. The revelation came to me when we paid for a … Read More

Chasing the Yeti

Last week I braved the cold with 10 other brave runners to “Chase the Yeti” at the Avalanche Run. I’m no stranger to obstacle races, mud runs and endurance events. I thought running up Snowden was cold but this year the avalanche run beat me. I might be that I’ve cut down on my running in favour of weights but … Read More

Welcome to The Fitness Room Sheffield

Hi my names Will and with my wife Katie we have set up the Fitness Room and personal training and studio gym. We set up the Fitness Room so we can help people improve their health and lifestyle. Knowing what it’s like to be caught up in the rat race I wanted do something with my life that had meaning. … Read More